Over the summer we were approached by Hush Studios (heyhush.com), an animation and design firm based in DUMBO, to work with them on a room in this year’s Esquire House apartment. The annual Esquire House Project is an attempt to create ‘the ultimate bachelor pad,’ alternating between stunning homes in New York and Los Angeles each year. Hush’s concept for the Acura-sponsored home office of the future involved an interactive touch screen table that also served as a touch activated synthesizer. We utilized videomapping techniques to activate the table’s surface and produce the visual and aural touch-reactivity in real time (the sonic component wasn’t plugged in to any speakers when we shot this). 

Working with several creative partners, including architecture firm Third Eye Studios (thirdeyestudiosnyc.com) and recent University of Georgia alum Brian McGaw, the dynamic team spearheaded by Hush created a singular experience destined to be the talk of this year’s Esquire House Project events. 

Thanks also to Digital Projection International (digitalprojection.com) for providing us with a dVision series projector, it was the perfect tool for the job! And to our friends at Cornerstone Conservation (cornerstoneconservation.com) for their innovative and thorough installation job.

Guerilla Projection Mapping, 30 Minutes

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Integrated Visions / City Eventions Projection Mapping (Stationary View), 08-09-10 from Integrated Visions Productions on Vimeo.

Part of the appeal of projection mapping to me is not so much the novelty of the thing, as its promise to take live visual art and free it of limited contexts. As with live electronic music, there’s a constant struggle to find venues, to overcome the economic constraints of clubs or the programming limitations of public and private series. Experimentation and change requires spaces that lend themselves to the activity.

So it’s always encouraging to see events like this. Here, a 20,000-lumen projector by Christie Roadsterand a generator do the trick. (By the way, readers, since the Christie is discontinued, what would be an ideal 20,000-lumen projector for this sort of job?)

It’s not hard to imagine this lending itself to a live music performance; you’d just have to make up the price of the rental of the projector and generator. Alternatively, I could see innovative visual artists collaborating with rental houses as a way of promoting their equipment.

But the best part of this: they set up in 30 minutes. I do like the content they put together; it really fits this relatively simple setting for me.

VIDEO: Georgians Go Crazy For Asylum Nightclub

Integrated Visions Productions has created one of the largest architecturally-mapped projection screens out there for Asylum nightclub

Asylum Nightclub

Integrated Visions Productions LLC (IVP), an Atlanta-based duo of VJs—Bryan and Michelle Dodson, to be exact—worked on the largest architecturally-mapped projection screen in the Southeast for Macon, Georgia’s latest nightclub, Asylum. The nightclub makes use of six Sanyo PLC-XU106 4,500-lumen projectors, tiled together to create a display more than 136’ wide. 

“For the ultra-wide screen, we used a Mac Pro Quad core with four NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 graphics cards running Garage Cube Modul8 to drive the projectors,” says Brian Dodson. “This system was designed to mix custom video files in realtime, allowing a VJ to synchronize visuals to the DJ’s mix.”

To map video onto columns around the room, the team used a Windows XP system running Resolume Avenue and several 2,500-lumen projectors. “This machine is synced to the main projection system with MIDI, allowing it to run as a slave to the main system,” adds Bryan.

In addition to designing and building the projection system, IVP produced the custom high-definition content for the nightclub, as well as installed the lighting system, which is synced to the video. Lighting in Asylum includes 10 Robe Clubscan 250, four Elation Professional Design Spot 250s, eight RGB LED PARs, and anElation Compu Live control software.


This guerilla projection mapping project was set up with-in 30 minutes of being on site. To cut through the ambient light from the streetlights, we used a Christie Roadster 20,000 lumen projector powered by a generator. All of the content was custom made for this building in 6 days from start to finish. Thanks to Brian Blessinger for helping to make this project possible. 

Produced by Brian Blessinger

Integrated Visions Productions:
Bryan Dodson: Technical Direction, Animation
Michelle Dodson: Animation Director, Animation
Adam Barfield: Sound Design
Tim Daust (Reelmind Studios): Animation
Neil Dearman: Animation
Robert S. Townsend of Professional Meeting Rentals: Projection and Equipment
Mita Beach of Professional Meeting Rentals: Equipment 

We would also like to thank Matt Cerf for his help with the Projection.

VJs Bring Warehouse Back to Life, Briefly

by Mike SteyelsCultureSystem | August 20th, 2010

One quiet night a couple weeks back, a warehouse in the Morgan area lit up in the still night, its facade changing at the whim of a couple of artists. Using a technique called projection mapping, or architectural mapping, a duo called Integrated Visions coated the face of the structure with images from a powerful projector, tailoring their content to the particularities of the building’s shape and angles.


In projection mapping, a veejay will use a software program (sometimes written from scratch) to map out where exactly an image from a video projector will shine, controlling multiple streams of visuals on one surface.

The mapping movement is more popular overseas with most of its prominent figures coming from Europe, and these two have never actually seen another architectural mapping project in person themselves. “I’m really curious,” says Bryan Dodson, one half of the married pair. “We were inspired by the work of AntiVJ andMJ. Both of those artists were really ahead of the game when it comes to mapping.”

This may have something to do with cost. The projector they used in Bushwick (which was rented) retails for over $120,000 and required a generator to be powered. It uses the energy equivalent of five traditional Par can stage lights. “Your average rock show stage has at least 30 Par can,” Dodson explains. Outside of art, companies are using the technique in public advertising.

But veejaying itself is also significantly underrepresented on the East Coast, says Dodson, who’s also a moderator at VJForums.com. “There are not many active veejays in the North East on the VJ forums.” In fact, the duo is based in Georgia, and came to Brooklyn at the request of Brian Blessinger of PercussionLab.com. (There was, however, a video mapping project here last year — albeit at at a much smaller scale — when Faune premiered their pyramid video sculpture.)

The two started veejaying back in 2001, moving away from painting into the scene with no real programing skills. “We had a basic understanding of computers at the time, but not really much experience with digital media at all,” recalls Michelle Penland Dodson. “We had put a lot of energy and passion into drawing and painting… When we became interested in working with video we focused our energy into learning the software and video equipment that would allow us to create our vision with video.”

They felt limited in painting and got into veejaying in order to collaborate with musicians. This realm now satisfies their creative needs and they no longer paint. “Painting seemed very isolated and elitist,” says Bryan Dodson. “I would spend lots of time by myself in a studio to produce art that none of my friends could afford to buy. With veejaying, many people get to enjoy my art every weekend.”

Currently, they have a projection mapping installation at a club in Macon, Georgia, called Asylum. “The club is open every weekend and an associate of ours operates the video for their events,” Michelle Dodson explains. That setup uses six projectors that display a seamless strip of video around the club. It comes with exclusive high definition content which the operator manipulates in play with the music and other lighting. (Watch this video for a peak behind the scenes showing how it’s run.) To see more of the Dodsons’ projects, read their personal blog. And for more mapping from around the world, they run another blog which offers a number of impressive videos.

This project was done in collaboration with Professional Meeting Rentals. This video documents part 1 of a 2 part architectural projection mapping demonstration. Part 1 shows the end result using no custom made content. All of the footage is from the Integrated Visions library. The video was warped and masked in real time to make it fit perfectly on the house.

Red Bull’s EmSee Battle kicked off June 21 in NYC at the Bowery Ballroom with special guest performer Eminem. Integrated Visions Productions produced and operated the video for the actual battle. In addition, Integrated Visions mixed live visuals during Eminem’s performance.  The next battle is in San Francisco on July 16.

Integrated Visions is very excited to be working with Eminem this summer during the Red Bull EmSee Battle Series. EmSee is an innovative MC battle respecting the tried and true form of rap competition while highlighting the modern freestyle spirit. The visuals are front and center for this series. First stop New York City!

In celebration of Integrated Visions’ leap into the world of High Definition, Michelle and I have created a new Vimeo channel to host a series of high definition VJ mixes.  These mixes are captured during our studio experimentations. All of these mixes are captured live usually set to streaming internet radio. We often feel like our best work is done when no one else is around, so this series attempts to share these moments with you. Thanks for watching.

Video Mapping Interface (by Integrated Visions Productions)

This short video is a behind the scenes view of Michelle running the video mapped projection system at Asylum. This 6 projector wide installation is designed to be run in real time by a VJ to synchronize the visuals to the music. The monitor on the left is connected to a Mac Pro tower running Modul8. The monitor on the right is connected to an PC running resolume 2.4. The Mac Pro is controlling the 6 seemless projectors. The PC runs videos on a series of collumns around the room. The two machines are linked to each other and to the lighting controller with midi allowing one interface to control all 3 machines.

Integrated Vision’s latest installation is featured on Projection Lights and Staging News.  PLSN is one of our favorite publications so it is an honor to be mentioned there. 

Asylum Unveiling.mov (via IntegratedVisions)

Integrated Visions Productions llc, Atlanta’s cutting edge VJ team, is proud to announce the recent unveiling of its latest architecturally mapped projection installation at Asylum, Macon Georgia’s newest hot spot.  For this unique installation, Six projectors are tiled together to create a display over 136’ wide making it the largest architecturally mapped projection screen in the Southeast.  In addition to designing and building the projection system, Integrated Visions Productions LLC also produced the custom high definition content for this one of a kind ultra wide  video display.  Using a cutting edge media server, a VJ from the Integrated Visions team synchronizes the projected imagery with lighting and music to create a fully integrated nightclub experience.  Covering over half of the room, the projection screen surrounds the audience with light creating an unforgettable light show.   Integrated Visions pulled out all of their tricks on this one, so be sure not miss it.

(via )

Here is an Integrated Visions video installation from last year at the Gold Room in Atlanta, GA.  

Here’s a few pictures from the EmSee Battle referred to in the previous post.

Red Bull EM SEE - Battle - Atlanta (via one66soul)

Last Fall Integrated Visions Productions participated in a very exciting event called “Red Bull presents EmSee”

This a Emcee battle like no other (especially since it’s not set up like a regular battle… thank god.) The concept of the event is several emcees from around the country have been hand picked to compete in this event. Instead of the typical face off, emcee to emcee type thing, it will work where the emcees will be given a certain amount of images to look at on huge screens and have to incorporate those items into their freestyle. Hence the title Em-See.

Along for the ride are the judges: Producer 9th Wonder, Adeem (MC Battle Champ), and Talib Kweli who be judging as well as taking the stage during the evening to perform. Dj Red Alert will be on the turntables providing the sounds as well.

Integrated Visions ran the live video production for the event adding 6 large projection screens around the Masquerade.  Integrated Visions also produced all of the motion graphics used throughout the show